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Solomon Investments Ghana Limited (SIGL)

Solomon Investments Ghana Limited (“SIGL”) started its operations in 2006 as a free zone enclave in Accra, Ghana solely buying, smelting, assaying and exporting unrefined gold under a twice-a-week revolving US$ 2.5 million credit facility. Based on its other license rights, the Company is now entering the next phase of developing the rest of its authorized business and activities such as production of jewelry and lease of equipment for sustained and increased production to develop a world class gold refinery in Ghana.

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The Gold City

The objective of the Gold City Concept is to develop in a cost effective and technically suitable strategic location, a duty free…

Tourism Infrastructure

Tourism Infrastructure – The Gold City is designed to host chalets, offices, estate houses, industries, hotels and casinos for International Governmental &…

Jewelry Manufacturing

Jewelry Manufacturing Unit, with Diamond Cutting and Polishing Units, aims to produce about US$800 million to US$1.2 billion worth of jewelry pieces…

World Class Gold Refinery

Gold Refinery – backed by the ASM Support Program is estimated to have refinery capacity of 1500 metric tons of 99.99% purity,…

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