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Solomon Investments Ghana Limited (SIGL) was incorporated in September 2005 and established in 2006 through an Act of Parliament with a certificate to commence business (# CA-20,372) and an initial Registered Office at 37 Achimota Road, C/1392/12 Accra, Ghana under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 779).

The Government of Ghana has granted SIGL a license for exportation and disposal of minerals in accordance with Section 6 of the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703) and a Free Zone Enterprises Status with all prerequisite intendant licenses, permits, rights and benefits under the following Ghana Government Legislation: Free Zone Act, 1995 (Act 504) and Free Zone Regulations, 1996 (LI 1618 of 1996), Section 3 of Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703) replacing the Minerals and Mining Law, 1986 (PNDCL 153), Section 16 of the Small Scale Gold Mining Act, 1989 (PNDCL 218) and Environmental Protection Permit and Standard Practice License with notification by the Sector Minister to the Minerals Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the Bank of Ghana, Customs Excise and Preventive Service and all relevant utility providers such as Ghana Water Company, Electricity Company of Ghana, Volta River Authority and Ghana Telecom.

SIGL has been established and is authorized to:

  1. Purchase, sell and export gold, diamonds and other precious minerals.
  2. Establish and promote industry for gold, diamonds and other precious minerals.
  3. Process and manufacture gold, diamonds, and other minerals, and any foreign and domestic materials into finished jewelry and other products.
  4. Import raw materials and export finished products and components processed or manufactured.
  5. Provide professional services, technical services, training and any other related services in the industry.
  6. Supply, lease repair and maintain machines, equipment and other accessories for refinery and industry as a whole.


Executive Members

[Chairman, SIGL]

Dr. Chris Kpodar

Dr Chridr chris -imagestian Ekoe Sena Kpodar is a savvy multi-disciplinary visionary business executive, with over 30 years’ experience of unalloyed commitment to excellence. As a multi-talented game changer with impeccable best business leadership practices, he is consistently championing best ethical and business practices and records, with achievements impacting on the lives of individuals, small and large institutions, corporations, communities, nations and continents with an unwavering commitment for socio-economic, industrial, trade, commercial development and independence of the African…

[Member, SIGL]

[Dr. Abe Beagles]

Dr. Beagles adr abe -imagend his group of financier’s have developed a new program called "The In-ground Asset Finance Program". This is tied to what is called a "National Instrument 43-101 Geological Report" This is done by a qualified Geologist such as myself and it establishes a value of the gold and silver that is in the mine. This is called proven reserves and this is what establishes the worth of any mine. Of course there is a cost to this procedure but it is recouped in the finances provided. The financing centers around the NI 43-101 and works this way. Once a value is established by this document then a PPM or Private Placement Memorandum is written .

[Member, SIGL]

Jacob Osei Yeboah

Multi-talented with creative solutions to challenges. He is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Philanthropist, Social Thinker and a transformational leader.  Jacob has had 20 years’ experience for introducing new technologies that creatively improves systems in terms of Energy Conservation, ICT, Database, Process Control and Instrumentation, especially within the Mining Industry in West Africa. As a trained Electrical Engineer, he began his career with the then Ashanti Goldfields Company, Obuasi between 1994 and 2002. During this period, he worked as Instrumentation Superintendent and then as a Special Projects Coordinator. One of his significant achievements was a review of the company’s operations that led to a very significant transformation and cost reduction from USD320/ounce to USD78/ounce (Jan 2001-June 2002).

[Member, SIGL]

Kwasi Ameko-Amewunoo

Over 16 years post degree work experience in the Banking and Financial Industry (July, 2004 to date).  Holds MBA in Finance and a Chartered Banker (ACIB, Ghana – 2013), Two (2) years of which have been as the Head of Agri-Business Value-Chain financing in the Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG).  Four (4) years of which have been in leadership roles in the Energy & Mining Division at the United Bank for Africa, UBA (substantive Head of Mining Department and Ag. Head of the Energy & Mining Division).  Ten (10) years of which have been in various Treasury/ Investment  functions/roles. Results oriented, analytic, problem solving and a very inspiring team leader and team player. As Head of the Mining Department in United Bank for Africa (UBA),