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The Gold City

The Gold City is conceptualized in three economic sector integrated business development categories namely:

  1. The Development of a World Class Gold Refinery.
  2. A Jewelry Manufacturing Plant.
  3. The development of a Tourism Hub.

The objective of the Gold City Concept is to develop in a cost effective and technically suitable strategic location, a duty free and free zone enclave (call it Ghana’s Dubai) for the development of an integrated world class complex with auxiliary facilities for refining, manufacturing, trading and the marketing of gold and other minerals.

The development of the whole state of the art industrial and tourism complex and the ASM Support Program is estimated around USD12 billion.It is meant to be a game changer in World Producers Market.

Gold City shall also be a business hub for the promotion of related venture products and services, capable of helping the Company attain 10% share of global production, doubling therefore per year, adding about 50% points to Ghana GDP (i.e.1200 tons to 1500 tons) over the long term, and generating about US$ 50 to UD$ 60 billion making Ghana the World’s leading producer.

SIGL Investments plans accordingly to set up a 1,500 tons capacity of 99.99 LBMA purity certified Gold Refinery, as was approved and solicited by the Government of Ghana.