Gold Refinery – backed by the ASM Support Program is estimated to have refinery capacity of 1500 metric tons of 99.99% purity, to represent about 10% of global production and generate about US$50 billion to UD$60 billion – making Ghana (former Gold Coast) a World leading producer within the 5-year out grower program w with strategic foreign investors.

The World Class Gold Refinery Plant to be named “Gold Star Refinery” is expected to be one of the most technologically advanced and most eco-friendly refinery in the world.

Estimated at about USD 160 million in direct cost and with 1500 tons metric tons refinery capacity, its development could however end up being done in 3 phases, depending on the quick capacity take off of SIGL’s Mining Support Program development for substantial supply of gold ore, if SIGL does not receive the full expected support from Government of Ghana. With refined gold output in the form of bullion, bars of 10 Tolas 999,100 Grams 999, 1Kg 995 and 1Kg 9999, we shall offer refining capabilities of up to 999.9 Gold and 995 Silver.

Cutting edge refining facilities and processes will provide our clients with the highest quality gold and silver refining services.

We will produce gold and silver bars of all standard sizes and purities, and all of our final products will be extensively tested and verified throughout the refining process, also partly to feed the expected jewelry manufacturing plant to be situated within the same enclave and the Regions.