Jewelry Manufacturing Unit, with Diamond Cutting and Polishing Units, aims to produce about US$800 million to US$1.2 billion worth of jewelry pieces with strong product branding. (Location: Mainly Accra, Ashanti, Western, Central & Eastern) by creating International designer brands & other representations and also using Ghanaian Adinkra Symbols and Royal Jewellery production brands nationwide for export. This is to be sited at the Keta Sea defense wall for array of reasons (technically suitable also as a strategic location). This in conjunction with strategic foreign investor partners.

SIGL considers the development of the Jewelry Production as a crucial and equally important part of activities to be developed. Master craft artisanal manufacturing augments the value of the refined and processed minerals by 350% on average.

The Jewelry Manufacturing Unit, with Diamond Cutting and Polishing Unit estimated at a total cost of USD 156 million, aims to produce about USD 800 million worth of jewelry pieces with strong product branding. They will include products ranging from the more affordable pieces, to the most exquisite Jewels pieces by any international quality standards. These would be produced mainly in the Ashanti, Central and Western regions for rich and famous identified target markets such as the Export Markets of India, USA, Europe, China and Russia.

SIGL will also escalate the demand for finished gold jewelry through its marketing plans to promote Gold City as a premier internationally acclaimed jewelry sales and shopping center, increasing both domestic and foreign jewelry shopping, and also improving the branding of Ghana, with the net result of Ghana gaining international recognition as a destination for Jewelry shopping. It shall be the first of its kind in Africa, with full downstream range of activities along the whole of the supply chain of value addition, linking the mines of Ghana and the Sub-Region to the World Target Markets of Reputed End Buyers Segments. It shall be a renowned business and shopping hub.

SIGL has initiated discussions in certain Government circles, and also directly with the state owned PMMC (Precious Minerals Marketing Company) for reorganization, restructuring and assessment, to build joint institutional cross fertilization capacity. This will enable PMMC to serve as the Marketing Unit, with a projected annual total revenue of US$ 50 to 60 billion, and to become a multi-sector and multiparty game changing venture of international dimension. Ghana Embassies and boutiques in world capitals would show case our designer products, and Ghana would gain its rightful position in the world bullion LMBA market.