Tourism Infrastructure – The Gold City is designed to host chalets, offices, estate houses, industries, hotels and casinos for International Governmental & Non- Government Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Meetings and Events with the development of Tourism infrastructure and auxiliary businesses, such as excursions (visit to the Center of the Earth), water sports, fishing, eco-tourism with cultural facilities and/or events in situ and in mixed economic free zones nationwide. With varied strategic investors partners.

The Keta Sea defense Wall area is also ideal for the development of the Tourism Hub. The Gold City shall therefore be located in a conducive eco-friendly system marine environment at the Keta Sea Defense Wall, with the controlled regulation of the vast Keta lagoon to the marina enclave, with restaurants, chalets and residential houses on the Atlantic Ocean. At the estuary the already existing break water dike shall be extended by one mile further into the ocean, with anchoring facilities for ships and boats, creating in itself another technological marvel and attraction for tourists, with other water sports and leisure activities centered on the waterfront. Other facilities to be developed include birds viewing sanctuaries, ecosystem management, an eco-friendly solar and wind power generation plant, piped water plant with purification systems, and a world class airstrip with all related facilities.