Gold City's Tourism Infrastructure

The Keta Sea defense Wall area is also ideal for the development of the Tourism Hub. The Gold City shall therefore be located in a conducive eco-friendly system marine environment at the Keta Sea Defense Wall, with the controlled regulation of the vast Keta lagoon to the marina enclave, with restaurants, chalets and residential houses on the Atlantic Ocean. At the estuary the already existing break water dike shall be extended by one mile further into the ocean, with anchoring facilities for ships and boats, creating in itself another technological marvel and attraction for tourists, with other water sports and leisure activities centered on the waterfront. Other facilities to be developed include birds viewing sanctuaries, ecosystem management, an eco-friendly solar and wind power generation plant, piped water plant with purification systems, and a world class airstrip with all related facilities.


Journey to the Centre of the World ( Solomon World)

SIGL Investments’ interest here is in the highest income generation tourism segment, which is the Business, International Governmental and Non- Government Summits, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Meetings and Events Segment. This segment is expected to be pleasantly complementary, as it technically remains most compatible with the development of auxiliary businesses, such as excursions, water sports, fishing, eco-tourism, and cultural facilities or events. This is the residential component of the project with an expected total investment at around USD 11.5 billion, and generating over USD 5.8 billion per annum, the expected greatest attraction will be the construction within the jurisdiction of the Gold City, of a 2 km sq pontoon floating wharf and barge to be anchored at the very interception of the Greenwich Meridian and Equator, to be named ‘Journey to the Centre of the World’ with scheduled boat rides and excursions within Ghana’s territorial waters. This unique attraction and technological marvel will encourage visits and excursions from the Trans- West African area, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, the Far-East and beyond.
The Gold City programmed facilities and activities shall also translate into a conglomeration of about 9 different International standards hotels, 60 chalets, 4 casinos, 3 shopping malls with 120 shops, offices, boutiques, bars, marinas, club houses with golf ,tennis and other sports, a world class hospital and health medical facilities, health spa, boating, yachting, water sports and sports courts. Facilities will be built for administrative and industrial activities, banking, and other related activities such as chemicals, input raw materials, equipment manufacturing, assembly plants and representation offices and businesses.

Gold City Project